Salesforce Certification Tips

Becoming a Salesforce certified professional is not just a dream for many people but also a prerequisite for many leading companies. In my company also , certification is a very important requirement.

We are all aware of how important it is to remain competitive in today’s job market. With stagnant hiring and high unemployment rates, there is no better time to add value to your company and to your resume. Maybe you have thought about going back to school, but don’t have the time or resources. What else can you do to improve your skill set and stand out from the crowd?

Many companies are turning to cloud based applications, such as, to help them streamline processes and align their sales, marketing, and customer service strategies. And offers various certification programs to help you get recognized as a leader in your industry.

OK, now let’s look at what you need to know to pass DEV401 and ADM201.

What I will recommend to study before you go for certification is as follow,

  • ITunes Videos, The first 16 hours video after that it is all about Visual Force pages,
  • Recruiting application PDF is must as the questions which come are more from this applications.
  • Help and support Training for un know topics.
  • Go through tabs on the sidebar of once(Don’t look into customize tab)
  • Data loader and import Wizard.

If you want to pass DEV401 you need to know the following:

  • Governor Limits
  • Sharing Rules / Org-Wide Default
  • Approval Processes
  • Analytical Snapshot
  • Encrypted Fields / External Ids
  • Workflows
  • Junction Object
  • Master-Detail / Lookup / Hierarchical relationships
  • Report / Report Types / Dashboards
  • Data Loader / Import Wizard
  • Formula Fields

Do’s and Don’t for ADM 201 Exam.

Some Do’s:

  • offers you a free developer sandbox access. Make sure that you get one ASAP and start working on the exercises.
  • I found the Instructor-led course very helpful. If possible, try to attend one.
  • Make sure you go through the following online courses offered under the Help & Training section. There are exercises that you can download and practice and these are huge help in understand how to work with the platform.

Do Not Skip These Exercises At Any Cost.

  • Administration Essentials
  • Configure Salesforce with Custom Fields
  • Profiles to Align with Your Business Needs
  • Getting a Head Start with Chatter
  • Managing Data for Administrators
  • Managing Users and Troubleshooting Login Issues
  • Salesforce CRM Content for Administrators
  • Analyze Your Data Your Way with Reports
  • Summarize Your Data with Highlights, Charts, and Dashboards
  • Automating Your Service Cloud
  • Try out creating sample application as per the workbook section. Some of them might require some developer work, but they still offer a very good insight on how to configure the platform.
  • Most questions talk about a particular company trying to address a business need, like dept A must have access to dept B’s opportunity but not vice versa. So think about how you would configure the platform without compromising security or access requirements.
  • Understand the difference of using Roles vs using Profiles.Think about when would one use “Modify all Data” vs “Modify All” at object level.
  • You have to experiment & play around with the report & dashboard section. There is no other way to get comfortable with this tool.
  • Familiarize yourself with the business processes & their configurations like Marketing, Sales and Service process. Lots of questions in these areas.

Some Don’ts:

  • Avoid taking any online exams that are offered free specifically Proprofs. All the exams are misleading as they rely on rote information rather than business cases.
  • Don’t schedule the exam two months away. 20-30 days is a good time period to really concentrate, focus, study and clear the exam.
  • Don’t try to memorize governing limits or any such information that you can easily search and find.
  • When you find a touch question, don’t waste too much time trying to solve it. Just try eliminating the wrong answers first and if you are still stuck, mark it for review and come back later. You get only 1.5 minutes per question and there are much easier questions along the way. I finished my exam in 45 minutes at first go. I had marked around 16 questions for review. Within 10 minutes I had reviewed and finalized answers to ten of them. I took another five minutes to guess at the really hard ones.
Looks Easy?

It looks easy but do not underestimate it! Even if you have been working with Salesforce every day for a number of years it is not as straightforward as you might think. Don’t over-rely on the mock exams online either, you really need to know a lot about Salesforce to pass. Good luck!


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